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Decarbonized and Decolonized Dinner Party 

Parsons School of Design exhibition and publication

future alliances is designed to reframe our relationships with other organisms and our role as waste producers. the work is an exploration with living materials, repositioning humans as a part of nature, and considering the full lifecycles of materials through growth and decomposition. to understand further how to collaborate with organisms for future foods, to make new materials and objects, and decompose organic matter, jess looks to nature. along with various material explorations with food waste, jess's final project outcome resulted in two mycelium candle holders.

this project was created out of a series of workshops at Parsons School of Design. the project was exhibited at the Decolonized and Decarbonized Dinner Party Exhibition which was self designed by students, and then published. 

Gorman, M., Chaparro, Y., Gopinath, P., (2022) A Decolonized & Decarbonized Dinner Party. Parsons / The New School. NYC, pgs 95-97 & 150 .
Photography by Martin Seck

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